The Countdown to Turkey!

I’m positive my mother wants to smother me with a pillow. Finally, after months of paperwork, I will be studying abroad in Turkey for Fall 2016. Which means that I have been talking about Turkey non-stop since this March.

[I actually still have more paperwork to fill out. But, the most anxiety inducing stuff has been completed!] 

Learning about Turkish currency, customs, cuisine, and history has basically consumed my summer. Which means that it has also consumed my mother’s summer much to her dismay.

Which goes to show how excited I am to go study abroad in Turkey.

I’ll be studying International Relations at Yasar University, a private school in Izmir. The city is about the size of Chicago and is located along the Aegean Coast. It’s going to be one heck of an adventure. For multiple reasons.

  1. It’s Turkey!
  2.  I’m a born and raised Kansan. I have never lived outside the state. [I’ve traveled out of state and out of the country. Just never lived anywhere else for an extended period of time.]
  3. I have never attended a private school.
  4. I have never traveled to a region in a world where the culture is different from my own.
  5. Since I am from Kansas I have never lived anywhere where there is a body of water bigger than a watering hole for livestock.
  6. And, since my focus area for International Relations is the Middle East I’ll have access to so much information to learn.

So yes, an adventure indeed.

I’ve been wanting to visit Turkey for the past four years so words cannot describe how anxious and excited I am. Rumi has been guiding me through this hectic process of paperwork and emotions.

Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you love.

It will not lead you astray. 

I just need to remind myself that once my feet touch Turkish soil I can only control my own decisions and attitude. What I can’t control is just meant to be.

Turkey has been such a big dream of mine that I rather not look back ten years from now and think, “Why did I chicken out and not take that opportunity to go?”

Regardless the outcome, I’ll come out learning more about the world than when I started. So let the countdown to Izmir, Turkey begin!

Flag of Turkey
Source: Encyclopedia Britannica

One thought on “The Countdown to Turkey!

  1. Erendira, you will be SO GLAD that you are taking this opportunity to fulfill your dream! And Turkey is such a beautiful and welcoming country. Izmir is a really cool city, too. I know that you will have the time of your life there! –Timi

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