Many Changes Can Happen on a Friday

Some of those changes can include a coup d’etat in the country you’ve been planning to study abroad in for the past four months. As of writing this, flights originating from Turkey are not yet allowed to leave to the U.S. Nor are flights from the U.S to Turkey allowed. A sign that things have truly worsen.

After falling in love with Turkish culture and history for the past five years, it’s a bit hard to describe how I feel about everything that happened on Friday. Dear Türkiye describes my sentiments toward the Friday coup d’etat better than what my sleepy brain can currently muster.

I’m not sure if I agree with the coup d’etat but I understand why some segments of the military felt it was necessary. I don’t agree with President Erdogan’s positions on many issues but I understand why some secular Turks felt it was necessary to defend him.

Turks I’ve meet through social media are being vocal about what’s happening in the wake of the failed coup d’etat. As can be expected of a failed coup d’etat, it’s not good.

In a few hours I’m quite sure I’m going to wake up to an e-mail from ISEP stating that all programs to Turkey will be canceled. I’m sure of it. I’ve been waiting since Friday for some type of news. They’re already trying to evacuate current students there.

There is no possible way these programs will not be canceled. And even if they aren’t, even I know where to draw the line between over-hyped media and “hey, this problem has the high likelihood to snowball out of control.” And sadly, Turkey crossed the line on Friday.

If somehow the programs are not cancelled it’s very unlikely my parents and home institution will be alright with me continuing with the program. Actually, they won’t be fine with such a decision at all.

I will soon be contacting ISEP, my home institution, and Air Canada in order to figure out where to go from here.

If I have to postpone study abroad plans for another semester it’s not the end of the world. I’ve got a few semesters left and a stubborn personality.



3 thoughts on “Many Changes Can Happen on a Friday

  1. I’m very sorry that your plans to study in Turkey will most likely be derailed by the aftermath of the failed coup. Friends of mine in Istanbul and Ankara are very concerned about the direction the country will be taking now (although it was headed that way already, this event gives Erdogan’s government a perfect opportunity for further repression and concentration of power in Erdogan’s hands and his Islamist party, the AKP). Over 6000 people have already been detained, with the announcement that more are to be arrested. Sadly, I think I agree with an assessment that this is not a good time to study there. How truly regrettable for you…. : (


    1. It’s disappointing but it looks like it’s safer to cancel at this point. Thankfully, I’m working with my school to see if another arrangement can be made in terms of study abroad.

      I do hope that the military and education purges stop. It would be awful if everything were to further destabilize. But with Erdogan gaining more power and making more demands it seems that it’s unlikely they’ll stop any time soon. I do hope your friends are safe. It’s a terrible mess to be stuck in.

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      1. I hope you are making progress with arranging a different study abroad program! It is rather scary what is happening now in Turkey, with the crackdown. I heard yesterday that over 50,000 people had been arrested, with more arrests planned. Not only military and police officers, but judges and teachers. Very unforntunate. My friends there, while physically safe, so far, are very worried about the direction that Turkey is moving in. Again, good luck coming up with an alternate plan!


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