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You Know You Adapted to Morocco When…

1. You cringe when you see tourist pay for black henna and “cactus silk” rugs.

2. You’ve learned to haggle and medinas are no longer terrifying mazes.

3. You can find a hostel inside a medina…and find your way out the next day.

4. You can call out the taxi driver for trying to rip you off. (Thank you, COP 22 people for paying 5x what you’re suppose to pay and leaving the mess behind for foreigners living in Morocco.)

5. You cut 40+ people in line without regret.

6. The large amount of stray cats no longer surprise you. But…they never cease being cute.

7. You start showing up on Moroccan time to avoid waiting over an hour for an event to start or for someone to arrive.

8. ONCF train delays no longer surprise you. It’s actually more suspicious if they arrive on time.

9. It’s not a Friday if there’s no couscous.

10. Moroccan mint tea has become a part of your daily life.

11. You travel outside Morocco and it’s weird not seeing any portraits of the king.

12. You like Morocco so much you know you’re going to miss it when you leave.


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