study abroad

Dear Morocco

When I arrived in Casablanca last August I know you knew that you weren’t exactly my first choice. My passport had a Turkish student visa and the dates on my study abroad documents showed that it had only been about a week since they were approved.

Regardless, you welcomed me with open arms after the Turkish coup d’etat.

You were patient with me when I struggled with learning how to use dirhams on the first day.

When you saw I was struggling at the train station with my luggage you were compassionate and helped me.

When you saw how awkward and self-conscious I was by myself on the train you introduced yourself and made me laugh with your crash course on Moroccan cuisine.

You introduced me to the wonders of tagines and Moroccan mint tea.

And on my first day you made sure I had a warm bed to sleep in and enough dirhams to last me my first two weeks in Morocco.

Not to mention, that thanks to you, I met some pretty great people. And learned quite a few things in the process. Things about me. Things about the world. And so much more. 

I’m not a very emotional person. It’s pretty hard for me to express myself. But I can be emotional this one time. After all, it’s hard to live in a country for nearly five months and come back like it never happened.

So let me say shukran, Morocco.

Shukran for all the people, music, food, and places you introduced me to during that entire semester. 

And who knows? Maybe one day we might meet again.


Ruins of Volubilis


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